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B2B sites are made fundamentally for tour administrators for either inside staff to get to or for exchange specialist get to. Key highlights of the B2B site are as per the following:

B2B client and sales staff access

Customer and inside staff could get to the site utilizing the logins made for the site through Leisure Logistics.

User permission control

Through client authorization controls the customers could guarantee that every client approaches the assets important to play out their particular undertakings and keep the clients from getting to assets that are unimportant to their tasks.

Wide range of Travel product support

The B2B web gives customers the capacity of offering an extensive variety of travel items which incorporate convenience, flights, journey, auto procure, visit, exchange and non specific items.

Pre-Built and Dynamic Packaging

Travel items are not constrained to being sold as single segments but rather now can be consolidated and trips (bundles) can be made. These bundles could be pre-characterized or made powerfully

Booking management

Existing appointments/quotes could be looked, seen, corrected or scratched off utilizing the oversee bookings capacity of the site. Notice that an exchange customer can just view bookings made under them, while inward clients can see every one of the bookings made by any client through the Admin Panel. Also a client can add new things to existing bookings.

Payment support

The site will bolster various installment alternatives for clients. Moreover the site will be fit for interfacing with outsider installment portals for installment handling

Access to various operational reports

Operational reports could be created progressively upon the demand of the client. Clients can transfer report formats to Leisure Logistics by entering parameters required to make a record, the report chief uses these parameters and recovers the data from the database. Once the required data is acquired the detailing director progressively ties the data with the format and gives the client the required report. Reports could right now be produced in either PDF arrange or exceed expectations design.

Support cross sells and upsells

Cross sells and upsells can be added into the B2B website by predefining it in Leisure Logistics. Cross sells and up sells can be pre-defined using the cross sell and forced component rules in Leisure Logistics.

Online Tariff

Using the online tariff feature, tariff reports could be generated dynamically upon request of the user. Tariff reports could simply be generated by adding in the required parameters (from date, to date, tariff year currency, etc.). These reports could be generated either in PDF, excel or html format. Additionally the generated reports could be emailed to relevant clients. Changes to contracts (rates, inventory, rules etc.) are automatically notified to relevant clients with customized user notes and a link to online tariff

Shopping cart

With shopping cart support users can add individual products into the shopping cart. Unwanted products can be removed either individually or by deleting the entire shopping cart.

Save shopping cart

Users are able to save the shopping cart as a booking or a quote. Once saved as a quote (Saving the reservation but without a product allocation or supplier notification) it could then be converted either into a booking or as an option (Allocations are made from the Leisure Logistics side but no supplier notification is sent).



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